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Cellulite Treatment In Santa Monica, CA

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Kao Aesthetics

Unsightly cellulite and surface dimpling, usually in the thighs and buttocks, are caused by the fibrous bands existing in these regions. Tension placed on the bands causes them to constrict against the skin, creating a dimpled or “orange peel” appearance.

Even people with minimal fat can develop cellulite, and it is nearly impossible to remove without an aesthetic treatment.

At KAO Aesthetics, we perform dermal subcision to effectively relieve tension on the constricting bands or our signature radiofrequency cellulite reduction treatment to permanently and effectively minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Effectively treats cellulite and skin dimpling.

Eliminate Cellulite With KAO Aesthetics

Cellulite affects nearly 90 percent of women and some men, regardless of body type or presence of excess fat. KAO Aesthetics offers multiple options for getting rid of cellulite.

Dermal Subcision

This minimally invasive procedure targets the underlying cause of dimpling: the constricting fibrous bands. By severing the bands beneath the skin, the tension is released, and the skin returns to its smooth and relaxed state.

Dermal subcision only addresses the fibrous bands; it does not affect the skin or the underlying adipose (fatty) tissue. 

KAO Aesthetics’ Signature Cellulite Removal Treatment

KAO Aesthetics’ signature approach to cellulite combines radiofrequency energy with groundbreaking Renuva® injections. This powerful combination smooths dimpled skin, including cellulite, depressed scars, and body contouring irregularities (such as inconsistencies from liposuction treatments).

Radiofrequency energy, using Morpheus8™ or SkinFinity RF, is delivered into the skin to stimulate collagen production. Here, fat deposits are heated and melted, tissues are tightened, and circulation increases, thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

In addition to RF technology, Renuva® injections allow for the development of natural fat, which helps smooth cellulite and contour irregularities.

Renuva® is an injectable treatment composed of collagen, growth factors, and proteins found in natural fat. When injected, your body is stimulated to replace this solution with your own fat cells. Essentially, Renuva® offers fat transfer without fat harvesting.

Does this not address your skin issue? Review our diagnostic guide to find the right solution for your needs or schedule a skin evaluation with KAO Aesthetics. Call us today.