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Trifecta ™

Evidence-based, results-driven™
Kao Aesthetics

The Trifecta™ combines state of the art technologies to take on age-related issues including sun damage, wrinkles, sagging, crepiness and skin deterioration. Offering complete rejuvenation, this premier therapy incorporates the power of Skinfinity RF™ with Eclipse Micropen™ and PRP, creating increased healing and maximized results. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, aids in the rejuvenation process, significantly reducing recovery time and maximizing results. Additional elements are added to advance targeted goals for each individual skin type. The Trifecta™ remains one of KAO Aesthetics’ most powerful treatments and a client favorite for ultimate transformation.


Our Mini-Fecta™ is for those with minimal signs of aging, who want to tighten, brighten and get a better permeation of products to the dermal level. We combine the Clear & Brilliant® Laser with Eclipse Micropen™ Microneedling and PRP. The PRP is applied and absorbed into the skin topically, directly after the Clear & Brilliant®, along with customized boosters amplifying treatment outcomes.  This is one of KAO Aesthetics’ signature combination therapies, designed to heighten results for lasting effects.