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PhysioSculpt In Santa Monica, CA

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PhysioSculpt enhances muscle growth and definition while melting fat in 30-minute non-invasive treatment sessions. This outpatient procedure uses radiofrequency and SIMFIELD technology to tone and sculpt muscles for a more shapely contour and enhanced performance.

A Slimmer Physique With a Pain-Free, Low-Effort Treatment

Voluntary muscle contractions induced by physical exercise allow the muscle fibers to relax between contractions. PhysioSculpt technology produces pulses at such a rate that there is no relaxation phase, increasing the efficacy of these supramaximal contractions.

Additionally, these supramaximal contractions cause an increased release of adrenaline, which induces intensive lipolysis in the fat cells.

Through this symbiotic combination of supramaximal muscle contractions and increased lipolysis, PhysioSculpt builds and tones muscles while effectively burning fat.

Visible Improvement

PhysioSculpt treatment increases muscle contractions at a rate impossible to achieve through voluntary exercise.

PhysioSculpt can provide noticeable muscle development and tone to specific body areas, including the abdomen, back, buttocks, arms, and legs.

By pairing PhysioSculpt treatments with your current diet and exercise routine, you can experience a new level of muscle tone and fat disruption not previously achievable. You can expect an increase in stamina and strength as your muscles respond to forced supramaximal contractions, remodeling their internal structure for unprecedented growth and fat burning.

Other non-invasive body sculpting devices treat fat disruption as a secondary effect of muscle growth, but PhysioSculpt patients benefit from a higher rate of lipolysis in the fat cells for a more advanced slimming result.

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Perfect for Your Busy Life

Sessions are performed in the office with no downtime. The PhysioSculpt has four paddles designed to target the specific area of concern. Patients can treat two places simultaneously for a cohesive, balanced result.

A series of sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results. You may see results sooner than others with more subcutaneous fat if you already have a more toned physique.

In a single 30-minute session, your body can experience 23,000 muscle contractions. During this pain-free, non-invasive session, the paddles will be applied to the specific area(s) of concern. You may feel a warm, tingling sensation as the device stimulates muscle contractions.

Following treatment, your muscles will feel fatigued but not uncomfortable. It is recommended you do not eat for one hour after your session and that you stay hydrated to aid lipolysis and muscle repair. Most patients claim the after-effects feel akin to an intense workout.

There is no downtime associated with PhysioSculpt treatments. You can return to your daily activities, including school and work, immediately following your session.

Muscle development will yield quicker results, as lipolysis of fat cells takes longer. Most patients can see full results one month after their full treatment.

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PhysioSculpt is a revolutionary muscle-toning and fat-burning device.

Maintaining Your Results

PhysioSculpt is a revolutionary muscle-toning and fat-burning device designed to take your body contouring to the next level in easy, pain-free treatments.

Patients who see the best results are close to their ideal body weight and already have an exercise and diet regimen. As your muscles become stronger, you can withstand more intensive at-home or gym exercises, increasing the results that PhysioSculpt provides.

You should continue your exercise regimen for best results, increasing intensity as your body gains muscle and stamina.

PhysioSculpt can be performed alone or with other body contouring and skin rejuvenation services at KAO Aesthetics. For advanced fat disruption, CoolSculpting® eliminates unwanted fat by freezing and breaking down fat cells. Morpheus8™ treatments target skin laxity — these are important after weight loss or fluctuations.

If you are curious about how PhysioSculpt and other body contouring treatments can benefit you, contact the aesthetic specialists at KAO Aesthetics to learn more. Call us today to schedule a consultation. Thank you for taking the time to read more about this procedure. Due to the uniqueness of every patient, please wait for a recommendation by our Kao specialist.

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