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Hair Treatments In Santa Monica, CA

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Kao Aesthetics

KAO Aesthetics is a world-class destination for men and women seeking cutting-edge and forward-thinking hair restoration treatments. We offer a comprehensive selection of hair regrowth technologies, including our signature PPCI treatment, which is informed by our thorough understanding of hair thinning’s root causes. Through our detailed examinations and powerful treatment plans, we are proud to provide you with your best chance for optimal hair restoration.

PRP Hair Treatments

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is designed to deliver natural growth factors harnessed from your own extracted platelets. By using the extracted platelets and plasma from samples of the blood, patients can rely on their body’s natural healing mechanics to stimulate hair follicles. When injected into the scalp, PRP has been shown to promote new hair growth, allow for thicker growth, and prolong the growing phase of the hair cycle. This is due to the high concentration of growth factors found in the platelets.

Microneedling PRP Hair Treatments

With KAO Aesthetics, patients can expect to experience the most innovative methods for introducing growth factors, blood flow, and nutrients to much-needed areas in the scalp. We use traditional and progressive methods for introducing PRP to the hair follicle through the microneedling process. Using the highest tier of medical microneedling, we target multiple depths for each individual’s goal. By addressing various tissue depths, we can better achieve more noticeable and robust outcomes.

During this process, micro-injuries are created to stimulate collagen production and hair growth. This treatment requires little downtime, and patients can expect to rest for a day before returning to their usual activities.

Hair IV Treatments

KAO Aesthetics uses IV therapy to stimulate the follicles of your hair with the infusion of a powerful medical-grade solution of vitamins and nutrients. Each solution is carefully crafted to increase hair growth or improve its shine and strength. Our aesthetic specialists will educate you on the ideal IV treatments for you, with a range of therapies that help patients with thinning hair. KAO Aesthetics is committed to providing world-class solutions you won’t find at any other aesthetic location.

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Pure Plasma Cell Infusion (PPCI)

Pure plasma cell infusion (PPCI) is a ground-breaking integrated technology developed by world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Chia Chi Kao, to optimize hair restoration. As our signature treatment, PPCI harnesses and improves upon the power of traditional PRP by offering more advanced and intricate follicle-stimulating nourishment than that available with any other non-surgical treatment. By utilizing all plasma, including enriched PRP, PPCI revitalizes and stimulates hair growth by delivering nutrients to the root of the follicle in larger quantities and higher concentrations (as opposed to traditional PRP). These additional nutrients boost the quality of your results and have been shown to provide fuller and thicker regrowth.

This revolutionary in-office treatment is customizable to your needs and includes microneedling to targeted areas or the entire scalp. This intricate treatment has little downtime and can be combined with other topical or oral hair therapies.

We recommend a series of three treatments to maximize results. 

Thinning hair can impact the self-confidence of men and women at any age. PPCI yields the most effective results for total hair restoration so that men and women can once again experience healthier, thicker hair.

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Laser Hair Removal

KAO Aesthetics offers the highest levels of hair removal technology, providing lasting solutions for problematic or excessive hair growth in our clients.

What was once impossible is now a reality as many of our patients are experiencing permanence when it comes to smooth and hair-free skin. Our laser hair removal techniques are exclusive to our KAO Aesthetics location and remain highly selected for their diverse and adjustable approach to intensity and sensitivity levels in areas such as the face or bikini line.

KAO Aesthetics laser hair removal is effective in treating larger areas like the chest, back, legs, and areas of different pigments such as blonde or grey hair. At KAO Aesthetics, our clients realize a significant reduction in hair growth, thickness, and darkness, making daily shaving and waxing obsolete.

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